Local Home Movers

Brisbane Suburbs and Surrounds

Building on their many years of industry experience, Basic Movers has transformed the moving house experience from a painful, often stressful ordeal into an event that is blissfully stress free. As local movers within and around Brisbane, our white-glove approach fosters a sense of trust that enables our clients to be confident that their precious goods are safe and secure. Many other home moving companies are unable to deliver the expert treatment that Basic Movers gives – 24 hours a day, day in and day out. An old-world attitude combined with modern sophistication enables us to be particularly proud of the quality of our removalist work.

The other feature which distinguishes Basic Movers as local movers of choice is our transparent and honest approach to pricing. We tailor our services to your specific needs, too.


We also offer a full home packing and unpacking service for an end-to - end seamless move – which includes your furniture being dismantled and reassembled for you.

Furthermore, make sure that our professional bubble wrapping ensures complete peace of mind regarding the safety of your goods. We will protect your prized items with industrial strength bubble wrap for a fee, the highest possible level of protection.

Consider an extra man on your job to make your move home go faster and more effortless. Two men will lift and bring furniture to the truck, while your furniture is securely wrapped and padded by the extra man for the move. The men will stay fresher by rotating so your overall movement time will decrease significantly.