Moving is not always as simple as bringing in boxes and furniture your things. Also, there are often delicate, large , bulky objects that need to travel. Often removalists do not cover these products with their usual moving kits, because they are highly specialized skills. Instead, they sell it as supplementary services. Our skilled and well-trained packers treat your delicate products with great care at Basic Movers. Only we promise that there will be no double treatment. This means your costly things aren't going more than necessary. It reduces the risk of any harm that may occur.

Efficient Packing and Unpacking

Those days, everybody is busy. Trying to raise a family when working a full-time job is difficult enough. Let's just try to load all of your home material in just a few days before you head home.

It's not an easy option to do an all-night packing marathon, or take a few days' personal leave from work.

And why not add additional resources to your transfer by recruiting skilled movers to assist with the wrapping and unpacking? Basic Movers will assist.

For your home we provide full packing and unpacking services. Also, we will meet your needs if you need support packing before you travel, or only unpackaging after you arrive at your new home.

Comprehensive Insurance

We provide policies covering additional services such as piano removals, packing and unpacking, pool table removal and more for peace of mind.

Although our staff are both trained and skilled, and treat your products with utmost care and protection, things don't go as expected in rare cases.

Anything goes wrong in the unlikely situations; we have your back. Basic Movers guarantees the insurance will protect the things to the full.

We can also provide extensive coverage if you desire more defense. To find out more, please contact one of our nice team.

If you are searching for an experienced, diligent and professional removalist to assist you with additional services, Basic Movers is here to assist. Our qualified and professionally trained team can perform removals of your piano and pool table with utmost caution, ensuring no harm occurs.